Mencom Armored cables built to thrive in harsh environments

Editor: Eric Culp

Standard and custom solutions are available.

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The products are protected from a range of shop dangers.
The products are protected from a range of shop dangers.
(Source: Mencom)

US supplier Mencom Corporation, has launched a new range of armored cables, which are designed to cope with the challenges often found in difficult manufacturing environments.

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The cables feature stainless steel coupling nuts and armor jackets, which prevent water damage from high-pressure washdown, cleaning chemicals and extreme temperature.

A silicone tube-covered jacket prevents physical failure caused by repetitive impacts and abrasion with loaded components, as well as protecting the cable from weld slag. A thermoplastic elastomer jacket shields cables from cleaning chemicals. The new cables are available in MDC(M12) connectors and MIN(7/8in.) connectors. Custom wiring and pin solutions are also available, according to the supplier.

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