Georg Menges Award Arburg’s technical director receives award for plastics industry service

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

Herbert Kraibühler, managing director of technology and engineering at injection moulding machine maker Arburg GmbH, was presented with the Georg Menges Award at the 26th International Plastics Technology Colloquium in Aachen, which was hosted by Germany’s Institute of Plastics Processing, the IKV.

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Award winners are selected by the German engineering federation VDMA, PlasticsEurope Germany and the IKV, and the honour recognises service in continuous cooperation between science and business in the field of plastics processing. The award organisers underlined Kraibühler’s contributions to implementing knowledge gained in R&D as well as his commitment to promoting cooperation between science and business. They emphasised that new and innovative products can be created only through research and the consistent implementation of the knowledge gained and said that Kraibühler’s work has been important in shaping the plastics processing industry.

Because Kraibühler has direct contact with scientists and academics, research institutions can target their activities toward areas relevant to the plastics industry. This has allowed Arburg to quickly identify trends and put them into practice in an industrial setting. The company has been a pioneer in the modularisation of machines, automated production, energy efficiency concepts and the process-integration of injection moulding machines into production cells.

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