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Author / Editor: Rosemarie Stahl / Rosemarie Stahl

In the middle of September, many tool and mould-makers met once again in the German town of Bensheim to learn about the latest trends in hot-runner technology. Synventive organised the event, which included interesting lectures on the latest trends in hot-runner technology as well as a guided tour of the Synventive factory buildings.

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The Bensheimer Technologietag organised by Synventive was once again well attended.
The Bensheimer Technologietag organised by Synventive was once again well attended.
(Source: Stahl)

The event was opened by Michael Ludwig, sales manager for the DACH region. The vice president and general manager of Synvetive Europe, Michael Deronja, was occupied elsewhere. The event's theme was “Intelligent functionality and process control during injection moulding”. Michael Ludwig pointed out that this title was deliberately chosen, since terms such as Industry 4.0 are already worn out.

This introduction was followed by the first lecture by Stefan Schmidt from the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid. Themed “Injection Moulding 4.0: Inevitable, but in what form”, he explained risks but also opportunities of digitised production.

According to Schmidt, the demands on injection moulding machines are becoming ever greater. The complexity and variance of the products will increase constantly as the life cycles become shorter. Injection moulders will have to adapt to these challenges. However, according to Schmidt, one does not have to change immediately to a Production 4.0. His suggestion was to start with single parts of the production process, or with individual pilot projects. This way, manufacturers would be well prepared for the challenges of the future.

The smart production is gaining in importance for moulders

The lecture by Stefan Schmidt was followed by a presentation given by Synventive staff. Christian Götz and Hans-Jörg Schreyer presented Synventive's approach to process control via hot runner technology. Markus Lehr presented a product by toolmaker Schneider Form. His presentation, titled “Opti-Check Smart Tool Technology: Start the dialogue with your tool”, introduced a sensor technology that is said to deliver precise data during the opening and closing procedure of the tool.

After lunch, taken at Alleehotel Europa, the participants came back to listen to other lectures. In the afternoon, the focus was on “Constant quality through innovative process control and regulation”. The speech was given by Erwin König from Priamus System Technologies. Michael Fischer from Engel then gave a lecture on smart machines and intelligent quality.

The audience followed the presentations with great interest. However, the public's questions made it clear that there is still much doubt about digitised production. The injection moulders wanted to know precisely where they can profit from these technologies in their own production.

Afterwards, the guests had the opportunity to visit the Synventive production plants in Bensheim. These are located on two different sites. According to the company, this condition is historically grown. The injection moulders were led through the production and montage departments and the technical centre in several groups. Participants were also able to look at Synventive's products in use and to convince themselves of their function.

Those who were interested had the opportunity to finish the day with a joint dinner and a visit of the Bensheim Wine Festival.