Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle Affordable, high-quality 5-axis machining centre

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany – Hermle's new affordable 5-axis machining centre C 250 will take centre stage at the company's booth at AMB.

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C 250 with an NC swivelling rotary table and the TNC 640.
C 250 with an NC swivelling rotary table and the TNC 640.
(Source: Hermle)

The economically priced machine is the latest model to be added to Hermle’s high-end machining centre program. The machine, together with the C 400, is arranged below the double-digit series with its C 12, C 22, C 32, C 42, C 52 and C 62 models. There is no compromise on quality of build or functionality, however, the company said. The only proviso is that the machine is available with a limited range of options.

Thanks to the large swivelling range of the workpieces in the work area, the C 250 offers a very large working area relative to its footprint, Herlme says. The C 250, just like the C 400, comes with Hermle's tried-and-tested modified gantry design and a mineral casting machine bed. With the 3-axis version, the integrated rigid clamping table is suitable for workpieces weighing up to 1,100 kg. High-precision machining of workpieces weighing up to 300 kg is possible on the NC swivelling rotary table of the 5-axis version. The C 250 is equipped with a Heidenhain TNC 640 controller featuring a range of extra features.

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