FFG Europe Affordable, high-performance milling for large tools

Editor: Eric Culp

The large unit suits a range of processes.

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The spindle is a key element of the machining centre.
The spindle is a key element of the machining centre.
(Source: Rambaudi)

FFG Europe has announced that it now offers the Rambaudi RS-SDM3225 CNC milling machine for general engineering applications, subcontractors and the mould and die industry.

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The machine is described as a fixed bridge-type unit with a mobile table measuring 3m x 2m. In addition, it is manufactured entirely in cast iron, according to the supplier, which is an amalgamation of a range of European machine tool builders (more here).

Travels are quoted at 3.2m in X, 2.4m in Y and 1.2m in Z. The spindle, which offers 6,000 rpm, 18.5 kW and ISO50, is said to be the key element of the machine. It and the machine’s rigid structure provide the chance for high-performance milling, the Italian manufacturer explained.

The machine also comes equipped with a 90-degree angular head, which is 45-degree adjustable, a tool magazine and a full ergonomic casing for chip removal and fluid containment, the supplier said.

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