Taegutec Additional members join family of 14-edge cutting inserts

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The supplier cites improved tool life as an advantage.

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The inserts can reduce cutting loads.
The inserts can reduce cutting loads.
(Source: Taegutec)

South Korean cutting tool manufacturer Taegutec has announced additions to its Chase-2-Hepta family series of cutters with new right-handed, neutral and wiper inserts that cover a wide range of applications and reduce cutting loads.

Because of its 14 cutting edges and double-sided 45 degree entry angle, the Chase-2-Hepta is said to be an economical solution. The dual usage inserts can be employed on screw type cutters for steel machining and wedge type cutters for cast iron machining at high feed rates.

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The sharp –ML geometries of the latest right-handed XNMU 0906 ANTR-ML insert with a full length helical cutting edge are said to mill steel under unstable machining conditions such as weak fixtures and clamping, long tool overhang and work pieces with weak cross-sections. Moreover, this insert reduced cutting loads by as much as 9% compared to the –M geometry while machining alloy steel on a 25kW, BT50 spindle machine, according to the company.

While machining a high-tempered alloy steel manifold, the XNHU 0906 ANTR-ML with the TT9080 coating grade increased tool life from 12 to 15 pieces while machining at a cutting speed of 144m/min, a table feed of 360mm/min and a depth of cut of 0.5mm, the company explained. It noted that a case study showed this insert to be ideal for smooth machining and it also offered a small burr size. Furthermore, the –ML geometry on the neutral insert is dedicated to cast iron machining in unstable machining conditions. Its sharp and tight chipformer displayed up to an 11% reduction in cutting loads while machining ductile cast iron as compared to the –MM geometry inserts, Taegutec said. This neutral insert, with its TT6080 grade, helped decrease burr size and more than doubled its tool life while machining a cast iron bracket at 157m/min with a 0.06mm per tooth feed rate and a depth of cut at 0.5mm.

Inserts also improve surfaces

For those looking for superior surface finishing in milling applications, Taegutec said it has also introduced the XNHU 0906 ANTN-W wiper insert with two right-handed and two left-handed cutting edges. As for the current geometries, the XNHU 0906 ANTN-MM reportedly handles cast iron and general milling. The XNMU 0906 ANTR-M is said to be more suitable for steel and general milling, while the XNHU 0906 ANTN-CE, with its ceramic grade, is perfect for high speed machining of cast iron roughing, the company explained.

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