GF Agie Charmilles Add-on equipment, modules increase performance of EDM wire cutters

Editor: Eric Culp

Assistance with threading and wire changing, for example, is available.

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Units like this 3000 S model are said to produce high-quality surface finishes of Ra ≤0.08μm.
Units like this 3000 S model are said to produce high-quality surface finishes of Ra ≤0.08μm.
(Source: GF Agie Charmilles)

GF Agie Charmilles has announced additions to its Cut 2000 and 3000 wire-cutting EDM machines to boost their productivity.

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Designed for micro-machining and super-precision applications, the Cut 2000 S and 3000 S are equipped with the company’s Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) with a Direct Power Supply (DPS) module. The machines are said to produce high-quality surface finishes of Ra ≤0.08μm.

The units are also available with the Threading Expert module for dependable threading, the second-generation Integrated Vision Unit (IVU Advance), and the Automatic Wire Changer (AWC). According to the supplier, the Threading Expert makes easy work of threading under difficult conditions. The retractable device drives the wire from the upper guide to the upper surface start hole or, depending on the hole diameter, to the lower guide through a fine, slotted tube. The standard configuration includes a nozzle to improve threading reliability whatever the diameter (<0.03) under standard conditions, the supplier explained.

The automatic wire changer ensures efficient processes because it allows the use of wires with different diameter and made of different materials, the supplier said. Moreover, the optical-based measurement system IVU Advance visualises and measure pieces directly on the machine and features fully automatic setup by the integrated charge-coupled device (CCD) camera and duplication of measuring cycles for automation.

The machines accommodate wire diameters down to 0.05mm for micro parts and have Vision 5 numerical controls, a tool for organising and managing several unattended jobs in parallel, the company said.

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