Efficient machining ABC lathe redesigned for increased functionality

Source: Kingsbury

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The ABC lathe from Index has undergone a number of improvements that not only increase its functionality, but also improve its efficiency and allow users to manufacture more complex parts in smaller batch sizes.

The latest Index ABC lathe from Kingsbury has a Y-axis upper turret in addition to other benefits.
The latest Index ABC lathe from Kingsbury has a Y-axis upper turret in addition to other benefits.
(Source: Kingsbury)

For more than 25 years, German lathe manufacturer Index has produced and sold worldwide more than 3,000 ABC twin-spindle, twin-turret turning centres, including many into the UK and Irish markets through sole sales and service agent Kingsbury.

The fixed-headstock, 65 mm capacity, CNC bar auto has undergone a series of improvements that allow it to address more efficiently today's requirement to machine more complex components in smaller batch sizes. The new model occupies an identical footprint and the working area is essentially the same as before. The latter is especially important to meet the needs of current ABC users by ensuring that existing part programs run without any increase in cycle time or loss in machining quality.

Over the years, the robust, slant-bed lathe has seen ongoing improvements including to the control and drives. With the latest revision, a notable upgrade is that the upper live tool carrier has gained Y-axis movement and may be indexed continuously via a stepless gearbox, opening up many more machining possibilities.

Additionally, the turret has centre height adjustment and can be equipped with double toolholders in seven stations for more comprehensive machining of the front end of components in the 27 kW / 6,000 rpm main spindle using up to 14 static or driven tools.

An eighth position in the top turret houses a 4,500 rpm synchronous spindle for reverse endworking on a parted-off component in conjunction with five tools, two of which may be live, in a backworking attachment mounted on the headstock.

Back endworking may be performed simultaneously with axial front-end machining of a part's internal diameter in the main spindle with one of the upper turret tools, and also with longitudinal machining of the outside diameter (OD) using the lower 6-station tool turret, in which all positions are also live. In this way, three tools can be in cut at the same time for completing combinations of drilling, boring, OD turning, facing and milling, leading to very high levels of productivity.

Control is either by a Siemens S840D sl with Index’s own Industry 4.0 iXpanel, or by a Fanuc 31i-B, ideal for OEMs and subcontractors already using Fanuc CNC systems on their shop floors.


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