Control 2017 A trio of measuring machines for all levels on show

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Walter, a manufacturer of CNC machines, will be showing its product portfolio of CNC measuring machines at Control 2017. Among others, the Helicheck 3D will be on display, a laser scanner that makes it possible to scan items quickly and easily to create three-dimensional model data.

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The 3D data created by Walter's Helicheck 3D can be saved, processed, analysed and measured.
The 3D data created by Walter's Helicheck 3D can be saved, processed, analysed and measured.
(Source: Walter Maschienenbau)

Walter Maschinenbau is known for producing CNC machines for grinding and/or eroding metal, wood and PCD tools and rotationally symmetrical production components.

The production range is supplemented by CNC measuring machines for non-contact complete measurement of complex precision tools and rotationally symmetrical parts with documented accuracy in a single clamping.

The range of Walter services is rounded off by the development of its own software, which will incorporate its grinding and measuring expertise. Walter also offers comprehensive "tool machining" services.

With its sister company, Ewag, and its broad product range for the production of indexable inserts, including innovative laser machines, Walter sees itself as a system and solution provider for tool machining.

According to the company, clients have been valuing their customer orientation and their global sales and service network, which has its own branches and staff, for many decades.

A tool to analyse virtual data

A trio of Walter tool measurement and inspection machines representing all aspects of sophistication and budget will be displayed at Control 2017, from the laser-scanning Helicheck 3D to the manual Heliset and the Helicheck Plus. Visitors can also experience the application of Walter's software at its booth.

With X, Y and Z axis capacities of 270 mm by 455 mm by 325 mm, plus an A axis of 360°, the Helicheck 3D utilises a revolutionary method of digitising to enable items to be scanned quickly and easily to create three-dimensional model data that can be saved, processed, analysed and measured, the company says.

The machine’s 3D Tool Analyser software – specifically developed for the application – can lay horizontal, vertical and freely selectable cutting planes at any position on the 3D model. These are automatically analysed and the resulting parameters made available for use. The capability to measure all important tool features is quick and simple with Helicheck 3D and since measurements are carried out on virtual models, the process can be performed offline.

A software 3D ‘matcher’ enables users to create a colour-coded comparison of two 3D models within the machine’s graphical user interface. After the ‘match’ of both models, the operator instantly receives an evaluation of the quality of the products and any deviations from desired values.

The four-axis Helicheck Plus has four CCD cameras for measuring tools, grinding wheels and workpieces from 0.1 mm to 200 mm in diameter and up to 300 mm long, weighing 25 kgs, to a measuring resolution of 0.25 micron and a repeatability of one micron.

Last but not least, the Heliset is a manual machine for measuring tools and grinding wheels easily, quickly and precisely. While tools of up to 350 mm in diameter and 400 mm long can be measured, another major machine benefit is that it enables grinding wheels to be prepared offline while tool production continues.

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