Plastpol A showcase for state-of-the-art valve gate technology

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Poland/Germany – Hot runner technology specialist Günther Heisskanaltechnik will be showcasing its valve gate technology at the upcoming Plastpol 2016 in Kielce, Poland.

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Günther's Blueflow technology features slim, thick-film heating for hot runner nozzles.
Günther's Blueflow technology features slim, thick-film heating for hot runner nozzles.
(Source: Günther)

According to the company, the powder-metallurgical (PM) steel needle guide in the nozzle ensures economical and virtually wear-free operation. During the closing movement, the needle is first centred by means of a conical guide until the needle lowers completely, precisely into the cylindrical guide, Günther explains. The supplier adds that when necessary, the needle guide can be replaced without much effort.

The PM needle guide is used in Günther’s Blueflow hot runner nozzles, too, together with a homogeneous temperature management and a modular system design.

The Günther sealing element in the manifold is said to assure optimum needle guidance and reliability in the manufacturing process. The valve gate needle in multi-point valve gating systems can be driven by means of single-needle valves, electric magnets, step motors, a lifting mechanism or a sliding-cam mechanism.

These various types of drives enable Günther to offer a suitable solution for every customer requirement, the company says. Accordingly, the right drive is selected on the basis of the respective application, spatial conditions and the size of the mould.

The adjustment facility on the head of the needle is said to make it possible to position the needle in the injection point without having to dismantle the mould. As a result, Günther explains, mould maintenance and commissioning work and production downtime are reduced .

In individual applications, Günther uses the pneumatically operated Nest 1 valve-gate nozzle type.

Günther's USP:

  • The innovative Blueflow technology with the slim, efficient thick-film heating for hot runner nozzles is said to increase productivity while cutting energy costs by up to 50%.
  • The two-part shaft in Günther hot runner nozzles offer optimum heat removal in the mould, the company claims. The shaft, which is made of two different materials, prevents uncontrolled thermal dissipation and allows the best possible thermal separation between mould and nozzle.