Sub-CNC Precision A production cell with short lead times, saves costs

Editor: Barbara Schulz

UK – Sub-contract machining specialist Sub-CNC will exhibit its range of capabilities including its new stockholding facility and will provide information about its new Call-Off production cell.

UK-based Sub-CNC Precision's booth at the last MACH.
UK-based Sub-CNC Precision's booth at the last MACH.
(Source: Sub-CNC)

This cell enables the ISO: 9001 manufacturer to produce and store annual production quantities that can be called upon with just 24 hours notice. Customers can place a full annual order and components are produced in one manufacturing batch for the end user to call in from stock. Finished components are kept on shelf in bonded stores to be delivered over a 12-month period on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the company explains.

The Call-Off cell has four Citizen sliding head turning centres operating 24-hours a day lights-out production, manufacturing batch-runs from 1000 to 100,000+off. Sub-CNC says that this enables customers to benefit from both reduced lead time and cost benefits of purchasing on a larger scale. The general machine shop, cell and stock-holding are fully automated and controlled in PSL Datatrack's MRP software.