Heitec A dozen nozzles for servicing multi-cavity injection

Editor: Eric Culp

The device is said to offer lower energy use.

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The unique style is part of a new design.
The unique style is part of a new design.
(Source: Heitec)

Heitec has introduced a version of its 12-Cav Star-Line Crown, based on the established Star-Line hot runner nozzles.

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This multiple nozzle for side gating of plastic articles can be used to inject up to 12 cavities with a single device, according to the supplier. Heitec said this helps achieve a significant reduction in control requirements because only one zone is needed to control the temperature of 12 cavities in a mould.

Energy demand in the latest model has proven significantly lower than in other such hot-runner units, according to the company.

The new design allows greater output per mould area and, thus, smaller tool dimensions, the company noted. The smallest diameter is 64mm, which means that up to 12 injection points can be placed on a circle of about 76mm; the previous maximum was eight, according to the manufacturer.

The increase of the nozzle length is no longer an issue because such growth is completely compensated for internally by the two-piece structure of the unit’s body. In addition, Heitec explained that the nozzle has a very good thermal profile and provides total particle- and string-free production, which makes it suitable for clean room use.

The company recommended using the nozzle for the production of complex plastic articles from standard resins.