EMO Milano 2015 3D toolmaking solution provides competitive edge

Editor: Barbara Schulz

UK – Volker Gehlen Werkzeugbau supports its customers from the original idea right through to the finished product. Visi's CAD/CAM software plays a key role by helping the company carry out a feasibility study and 3D evaluation to make sure the parts function correctly.

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Simulation and verification of the roughing toolptahs produced using VISI Machining.
Simulation and verification of the roughing toolptahs produced using VISI Machining.
(Source: Vero Software)

Based in Velbert, Germany, Volker Gehlen Werkzeugbau has a 30-year history of providing innovative solutions for stamping and forming industries. They are going from strength to strength, with the acquisition of a stamped component manufacturing company, acquiring new machines, and the addition of new products to their range.

Consistent operating philosophy for CAD & CAM

Managing Director Volker Gehlen says a vital factor in their success has been upgrading all CAD/CAM operations to Visi’s integrated 3D toolmaking solution. It was the software’s consistent operating philosophy for CAD and CAM that initially made it a front-runner when they were looking to change. “We made the final decision after a trial installation and training from Visi’s German reseller Mecadat AG. Visi proved to be so easy to operate, and can be used so intuitively that it was giving us a high level of efficiency after only a few days.”

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The company’s turnkey solutions to customers throughout Europe include technological advice, prototype construction, and tried-and-tested full suites of tools. And he says Visi software helps them stay at the top of their game. “We’ve invested heavily in CAD/CAM and use Visi exclusively to design our tools. We can’t imagine doing it any other way now.”