Moulding Expo 2017 3D printing is everywhere

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

3D printing and additive manufacturing in general have found their way into all sorts of manufacturing processes. It is no wonder that 3D printing will play an important role at Moulding Expo 2017 too.

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At Moulding Expo Visiotech presents innovations in the area of prototyping and rapid manufacturing.
At Moulding Expo Visiotech presents innovations in the area of prototyping and rapid manufacturing.
(Source: Maik Bolbeth)

For many years now generative technologies have been used in industry in many areas, from the initial design to the finished product. But there are many more possible applications. Moulding Expo 2017 wants to demonstrate the synergies between the new and established processing methods. Representatives from the classic industry and the new, up-and-coming scene of additive manufacturing and 3D printing come together there – extensive experience meets incredible innovation.

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In addition to the general topics relating to 3D technology and additive manufacturing, Moulding Expo offers enough space to provide information about very specific solutions in this area. Florian Schmitz, Project Manager of Moulding Expo: "The exhibiting companies showcase all conceivable applications, from classic prototyping to the development of close-contour cooling mould inserts through to the production of stamping and cutting tools or rapid tooling." The 3D topic - also including training - is portrayed extensively at Moulding Expo.

The proximity to national and international toolmaking is the decisive factor for companies of 3D printing at Moulding Expo. Jürgen Groß, sales manager at Alphacam, was also here two years ago at the début event. "We print plastic mould inserts with which patterns and small series can then be injected. This is of course the innovative topic per se for tool, pattern and mould making, and for us Moulding Expo is therefore the right place to present these new high-tech applications", adds Groß. In addition, Alphacam wants to use the trade fair to showcase the range of services for its latest systems.

At Moulding Expo Visiotech presents innovations in the area of prototyping and rapid manufacturing. With a secret highlight Visiotech wants to ensure an element of surprise at the trade fair. The company with 15 employees wants to present cross-industry complete concepts. President Mike Fischer-Arens: "The core of Moulding Expo is tool construction and mould making. Nevertheless we are assuming that, similar to the première event in 2015, the automotive industry will be strongly represented among the visitors. And this is also of course interesting for us, especially when it comes to pattern making and rapid manufacturing. We are already looking forward to the trade fair."

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