Prodways 3D printers said to provide top resolution, high throughput

Editor: Eric Culp

Users can also take advantage of hybrid material technology.

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An example of the type of products the units can make.
An example of the type of products the units can make.
(Source: Matheiu Walter/Prodways)

Prodways has claimed that its products provide unparalleled perfection of parts produced and distinctly improve production profitability for a wide range of industrial and biomedical applications.

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The company said its units offer world record resolution and precision, even on large parts. In addition, the machines supply highly detailed parts with a throughput of up to 10 times the current standard and can make hundreds of tiny parts with resolutions below 35µm in a few hours.

Resolution is quoted at more than half a billion pixels per layer, and the units are said to offer high precision in all three dimensions, which is essential in many applications such as dental, the company explained.

The technology also permits the use and development of premium innovative composite and hybrid materials with advantageous mechanical, physical and aesthetic properties, and biocompatible materials for a wide variety of medical applications, the supplier said.

The technology’s improved profitability comes from high speeds and reductions in production costs, and the company noted that superior surface quality of parts requires minimum finishing, and claimed minimum operating costs due to lack of expensive wear and tear on parts. LED light source replacement is cheaper than lasers used by competitors, Prodways added.

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