Formnext 2017/Rize 3D printer expands AM beyond the lab for new applications

Editor: Briggette Jaya

3D Printing – 3D-printer manufacturer Rize Inc. says it uses the company’s patented simultaneous-extrusion/jetting-augmented polymer deposition technology that combines unique material properties and processes to expand additive manufacturing beyond the lab to entirely new applications.

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The Rize One 3D printer incorporates patented and safe augmented polymer deposition (APD) technology.
The Rize One 3D printer incorporates patented and safe augmented polymer deposition (APD) technology.
(Source: Rize_©2016 Jon Chomitz Photography)

For example, its Rize One 3D printer, which will be showcased at Formnext, is suitable for the additive manufacturing lab, the engineering office and virtually any field location, US-based Rize says.

Rize One produces watertight and isotropic-strength thermoplastic parts, with detailed text and images that are twice as strong as those of the competition, the company claims. It is said to be the only office-safe 3D printer, without toxic particle emissions, mess or harmful materials throughout the process and with limited post-processing needed after 3D printing. This can save up to hundreds of thousands of euros per year in staffing costs and up to 100% in total processing time. Considering the number of parts produced per month, the number of iterations per part and the duration of each iteration, this unique capability has a positive impact on total R&D process time, costs and designs.

Manufacturers can even place Rize One next to the assembly line to build custom or replacement tooling, fixtures and jigs on demand, avoiding costly downtime and excess inventory. Rize One is also good for producing a low volume of bespoke end-use parts efficiently, the company says.

Rize Inc.'s booth at Formnext will be in hall 3.1, Booth C28.

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