Machineworks / Formnext 3D-modelling software processes large point cloud data efficiently

Editor: Briggette Jaya

At Formnext, Machineworks' Polygonica, the company's solid modelling software toolkit for processing polygon meshes, will take centre stage.

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(Source: MachineWorks)

The team from Machineworks will be on hand to provide polygonal mesh solutions for 3D software developers who require solutions to complex geometric problems at Formnext. Machineworks APIs have been used by OEMs to gain quick access to market and to help them produce world-class applications, the company says.

The Polygonica software toolkit delivers a significant breakthrough for processing large point cloud data. Its algorithms handles points, automatic registration, fast alignment, effective noise reduction, smooth surface creation, automatic segmentation and mesh generation as well as the manipulation of point clouds rather efficiently.

The hole filling capabilities from Polygonica have been enhanced with new algorithms which respect the surface curvature and can automatically detect islands and connect them to the correct holes. Multiple holes can be automatically filled through a single API call, significantly improving the performance when handling large meshes.

Polygonica component technology has established itself in the additive market as the go-to technology for mesh healing, offsetting and Boolean operations, serving leading hardware and software manufacturers including Renishaw, 3D Systems, Desktop Metal and Stratasys.

Machineworks will be in Hall 3.1, Booth E90.

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