Mecasem 3D Mecalab event

Editor: Briggette Jaya

A new workshop, the 3D Mecalab, has been organised by the Mecasem Group, a corporate with a network of leading industrial testing and measuring laboratories spread across France and Germany.

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Mecasem has the Prodways Group to support it in the 3D Mecalab event.
Mecasem has the Prodways Group to support it in the 3D Mecalab event.
(Source: Prodways)

The workshop, which will specialise in additive manufacturing, generative design, topology optimisation and metrology, has been scheduled to take place in Ostwald, France, on 29 November 2018. The first 3D Mecalab will focus on special machinery and tooling design – the key applications of additive manufacturing, and will have as partners Prodways and Solidworks.

Mecasem says this opportunity will offer customers, regardless of the sector, a complete additive manufacturing covering the integration of consultations, studies, CAD, manufacturing, metrology, parts control as well as support for the evolution on the mindset relative to this new process.

Mecasem says the invite to the inauguration of its workshop dedicated to additive manufacturing: 3D Mecalab is open to all.

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