GF Machining 1,000th connection via rConnect

Editor: Steffen Donath

GF Machining Solutions Customer Services recently activated the 1,000th connection of its rConnect digital services platform. The 1,000th connection was established in November on an rConnect-ready Mikron MILL P 800 U high-performance Milling solution in the Fraisa ToolSchool in Bellach, Switzerland, demonstrating the value the platform brings to manufacturers.

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With rConnect, GF Machining Solutions Customer Services continues to push technological boundaries to deliver the future of services to customers—today.
With rConnect, GF Machining Solutions Customer Services continues to push technological boundaries to deliver the future of services to customers—today.
(Source: GF Machining Solutions)

The installation at Fraisa demonstrates the value of rConnect’s Live Remote Assistance (LRA) module, which links users’ machines to GF Machining Solutions’ diagnostic centers in real time. rConnect debuted in 2017 and continues to evolve with the addition of success-triggering modules. It represents the machine tool industry’s most in-depth remote machine tool analysis and GF Machining Solutions’ Service 4.0’s vision of intelligent and high-performing services.

“Fast reaction and recovery are required when machines are down. Delay in production and production downtime are very costly so manufacturers need fast reaction times and reliable, fast, communication processes,” said Stéphane Cru, Head of GF Machining Solutions’ Customer Services Center in Geneva. “Especially with time-critical incidents, long journeys to the customer’s site and the challenge of preparing service interventions with insufficient information can delay the recovery process.”

Volker Reichmann, Customer Services’ Head of Marketing and Sales Support, said the 1000th rConnect connection demonstrates the value the platform delivers to customers. “Every new connection proves the value of rConnect,” he said. “We are continuously expanding rConnect with new modules and apps — all with clear customer benefits.”

From rConnect’s cockpit, daily information related to all machine activities — including direct access to the human-machine interface and file transfers — is easily accessed by desktop or tablet. From the cockpit and with the LRA module, customers get fast, expert support on a secure channel and that means improved diagnostics, process and follow-up.

Obvious rConnect LRA benefits include increased machine uptime and efficiency, users’ ability to remotely access their machine parks — including their machines’ human-machine interface (HMIs) and computer numerical control (CNC). At the same time, LRA enables fast face-to-face assistance directly on a personal computer or tablet, ready-to-use features ranging from audio, video, chat and white board to file transfer and screen sharing, and full traceability due to tracking recorder log files.

The rConnect Messenger module allows users to access machine data from a mobile device, so they’re always connected to their machine parks. That means they see — in real time — the status of every connected machine and can supervise their workshops and monitor machine progress from everywhere. When an incident occurs, the user can easily send a service request to get a fast, effective diagnosis.