Metrology Services 10 things to consider before hiring a metrology services provider

Author / Editor: Katherine E. McIntosh / Rosemarie Stahl

How do you handle the topic metrology? Do you have your own metrology department or are you trusting another company with handling your measurement projects? Before you hire a metrology service, there are several issues that have to be considered.

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Hiring a metrology service provider is a decision of trust.
Hiring a metrology service provider is a decision of trust.
(Source: CC0 Public Domain)

Customers need to be careful when hiring services from Metrology Services Providers. There are many “Ma and Pa” business’ that may be run by technically capable people, but are lacking the depth to provide customers with a full range of support, especially when the unexpected occurs. The following list provides customers with a checklist to ask providers.

1.Technically Capable – does the provider fully understand your drawings and requirements? Can they meet your accuracy requirements and tolerances? Are they quoting accuracy of your project or just the specification of their measurement equipment? Can they provide reports from past projects that are like your job?

Is the Metrology Provider qualified to perform other tasks at your company? These days, many companies like to minimize their list of suppliers so it makes sense that the Metrology Provider can provide more than a simple laser tracker job or scanning job. Ask your provider for a list of all their services.

2. Staff – How large is the supplier’s staff? What are their qualifications and experience? Have they provided business resumes for the people coming to your facility? Do they have additional personnel available if the schedule changes? Does their staff have certifications?

3. Equipment – What type of equipment do they propose for your project and why? Do they have back-ups in case of equipment failure? Will they bring a back-up to your job or how long will it take to get a replacement? Will they be charging you for equipment downtime?

Has the provider’s equipment been recently calibrated by a certified lab? Will they provide you with calibration certificates? Was the equipment calibrated or certified? This is a big difference and customers should understand the differences. Do they own their equipment or just rent it? What is their standard operating procedure to minimize error? Will they use your equipment if requested?

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