An Alternative to Beryllium Copper

High Strength, Hardness, Thermal Conductivity Characterize Copper Mould Making Alloy

12/09/2011 | Autor / Editor: Doug Sellers / Jürgen Schreier

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AMPCO Metal introduced Ampcoloy® 944 copper-nickel-silicone-chromium alloy as an alternative to beryllium copper for industrial applications requiring strength combined with high thermal conductivity, such as mould tooling for plastics processing. The alloy features an average hardness of 28 HRc (275 HB), and its thermal conductivity of 150 W/mK is four to five times greater than that of P20 tool steel. The producer’s proprietary manufacturing processes and a complex alloy composition lie behind Ampcoloy 944’s unique properties.

Because of its high resistance to corrosion from contact with PVC resins and its excellent thermoforming performance, this alloy is suited for the construction of injection and blow mould inserts used to process a broad spectrum of plastics. Plastics processors can rely on Ampcoloy 944 for cores and cavities that result in shorter moulding cycles, less postmould part distortion, and moulded parts with improved dimensional stability. In addition, the alloy helps increase design flexibility. Material scrap and machining time are reduced, and toxic beryllium is avoided.

Ampcoloy 944’s hardness maximizes mould service life and the absence of a need for heat treatment holds down machining and production costs. The alloy is useful for applications demanding higher hardness levels, such as cores, core inserts, runnerless moulds, hot runner nozzles and sprue bushings, among others.

AMPCO Metal supplies Ampcoloy 944 from stock in 1- to 4-in.-diameter (25- to 100-mm) rod and as plates up to 4 in. (100 mm) thick. Other forms provided on request include made-to-order forged shapes and finish-machined parts based on customer drawings.

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