Europe - Europe’s tool and mould makers are facing fierce competition caused by increasing cost pressures and globalisation; which, on the other hand, also offers opportunities to tap into new markets and embrace new technologies. Let’s see what 2017 holds for the industry. read...


Chuck toolholder features zero run out


Chuck toolholder features zero run out

UK – Gewefa has introduced its Grindtec range of hydraulic chuck toolholders designed to work with tool grinding machines. read...

Manufacturing in the spotlight

Imtex 2017

Manufacturing in the spotlight

India - The Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) is organising the 18th edition of Imtex 2017 and the 19th edition of the concurrent Tooltech 2017 from January 26 - February 1, 2017 in Bengaluru. read...

20th International trade fair for plastics and rubber

Interplastica 2017

20th International trade fair for plastics and rubber

Russia - Interplastica is the industry's leading fair for Russia. read...

Think science, not art


Think science, not art

World - Software development is popularly seen as an individual pursuit of trial and error. But that is far from true on any substantial programming project, where a large team of developers are working on complex systems. read...

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Additive Manufacturing

Machining Equipment

Partner News

SolidCAM Ltd.

iMachining success at Russian potential customer - 75% cycle time saving in Steel!

After watching the short period it took to program the part and the great savings that were made in cycle times on the CNC machine, ...

SolidCAM Ltd.

iMachining 3D Win in Aluminum Part

..They liked very much the processing technology of iMachining 3D. ...

SolidCAM Ltd.

iMachining Saves Wuxi Turbine Blade Co. 60% in Cycle Time

SolidCAM’s engineer used iMachining 2D and decreased their roughing time from 30 minutes to 12 (60% faster) ...

top used-machines of MM Die Börse

You can find these and even more Top-Used Machines here!


Extending the affordability of 3D-scanning technology

Werth Messtechnik

Extending the affordability of 3D-scanning technology

Germany – Werth says that its ultra-compact Scope-Check S Probe coordinate measuring machine has advanced scanning capability, giving it a good price-to-performance ratio. read...

Runners & Components

Suppliers Products

DIPROFIL Diamantprodukter AB


MetalRustGuard is a non-toxic (FDA Approved) self-adhesive protective wrap that prevents rust and corrosion on any type of metal in any type of climate, ...

CNC Software Inc.

Educational Solutions

Mastercam is the most widely used CAM software worldwide* and is the program of choice among both industry and education. ...

BORIDE Engineered Abrasives

Cristone® Crystal Fiber Stone - Cristone® Crystal Fiber Stone

Product Description: CRISTONE® Crystal Fiber Stones are made from using the highest quality, ...

Materials & Repair

Hybrid laser processing centre for automated repair of injection moulds


Hybrid laser processing centre for automated repair of injection moulds

Germany - The Fraunhofer IPT, the Institute for Optical Systems of the University of Applied Sciences of Konstanz and four industrial partners are are cooperating in the research project “Tool-Rep” to develop a fully hybrid laser processing centre for the automated repair of damaged injection moulds. read...

Suppliers Events

Jongen Werkzeugtechnik GmbH


01/24/2017 - 01/26/2017

SolidCAM Ltd.


01/26/2017 - 02/01/2017